Visar inlägg från september, 2019

Boris Johnson does not understand what law is.

BJ now says that he respects the Supreme Courts decision, ( on the unlawfulness of him and the prorogation )but that he does not agree. The function of the supreme court, and the the function of the law is to DECIDE what is RIGHT and what is WRONG. What is right about unlawfulness is solely decided by the court. There are no other point that has any vale. What the court decides is right. It is simply coming with a VOID paper to say:"I do not agree." It has NO MEANING. Johnson thus simply does not underastand what law and courts are. He is thus not very wise.

Trump and Boris Johnson

Donald Trump has no friends. Boris Johnson has no friends. Donald Trump has no views. Boris Johnson has no views. They both pretend to have. Since they both do not have any insights in anything, they have no views.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson will be remembered as a very short, empty paranthesis.