Franz Kafka, a unique writer

Preface. - Franz Kafka, a unique writerwithout successors.A strong irony of a peculiar kind finds its place in Kafka´s literary works. Kafka´s irony is of a particular kind because it is based upon a split in its structural, literary form: This in turn is based upon a division which is based upon Kafka´s conception of Sigmund Freud´s views and theories around dream and consciousness, a conception that Kafka from 1912 and onwards used as a literary method. This split, in the works of Kafka, the irony which is its effect and “the Kafkaesque” which is the trademark of this effect and the other consequences of the division of the narrative universe, is what this book mainly is about. This book is a very technical one, and it does not speculate on the meaning of Kafka´s technique. It concentrates on what can be laid out before us, if we take a closer look at what is “kafkaesque” in the works of Kafka.Kafka´s authorship is – on that many agree - very subtle, and wholly unique. There is, at …

The Mississippi Man - Chapter One

““One might be painted whileone is asleep,” suggested Mr. Brandas a contribution to the discussion.” ( Henry James, The Europeans, (1878) p.66. )Chapter OneDavid West is taking an evening walk in Baltimore at Upper Fells Point. In Baltimore, competition has closed steel plants and shipyards, but people are still thriving with their lives, inventing new jobs and careers. Summer has come, and the birds are singing. The story begins here.-------------------------------------------------------O n an ordinary husky September night it was. In Upper Fells Point in northern centralBaltimore, it was. A slight, semi-hot rain had been falling ceaselessly all day. More often than not, on evenings like these after the storm, small, friendly ponds appeared on the lonely streets of the flat-footed picturesque city, known as the birthplace of Frank Zappa and Billie Holiday. Suddenly lights from the random street lamps glittered brightly, as they were reflected by myriads or more of wet surfaces outsid…

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autumn in new york ( dukelsky )


Greatest disaster in American history and the presdent think it is worth a couple of lines on twitter

Yes, at the same time as mr rump is advocating his right to spread lies on the internet, during which he accuses china to do sooo, he cannot muster himself to give a spech to the American people on the pandemic. No greater disaster has happend to the am people.Since rump is a disturbed child he is not capable of exprwsing any kind of compassion. If he would say he is sorry for sumbody else, he would presumably burst and go to pices. Hence the only thing rump can force himself to do is a tweet at night. rump is not sorry. he is not able to be. I love disturbed peolpe. they are great. Autistz too. But of course they should not be presidents.

Trump´s presidental order

In yesterdays pres order rump adocates free speech. He does think that he should be able to post anything on social media, because he thinks internet is like a public square. I agree. But that does not exclude Twitter to make their comments, does it? I mean, the owner of the square has some rights.At the same time Trump does not think that China has the right to express their views. In the same order Trump thinks that China is using disinformation. How could that be? What is disinformation? Isn´t it true that if Trump could call the views of China disinformation, then Twitter has a right to call Mr Trump´s views disinformation? We all want free speech.

Människor och djur. ( bearb. version )

Människor och djur.M änniskan är intuitivt från födseln intresserad av djur. Ja, det säger jag bara … Hon lever ju bland dem. Ibland av dem. Man äter dem och använder dem som kläder, när man tagit livet av dem. Och människan har små levande djur i sig, som hjälper till. Men, ibland blir människans intresse för djuren lite egendomligt. Människan intresserar sig för djuret i avsikt att få kontakt med det. På ett djupare plan.Somliga blir kattägare, andra hundägare och andra människor vill – åtminstone i någon period av sitt liv – söka förstå en apa, ett lejon, en elefant eller delfin och finner det en tröst att söka förstå om djuret förstår.Mångfaldiga är de gånger man ställt en spegel framför ett djur av främmande art och sen sitter människor, helt betagna, och stirrar på hur djuret beter sig framför spegeln och hur det springer runt och tittar bakom spegeln. Ja, det är bemängt med en sanslös komik detta att betrakta människan, hur hon gång på gång betraktar hur apan, lejonet eller gira…