måndag 19 mars 2018


Givetvis var det ett mediedrev. Mitt i den idiotiska och naiva metoo-kampanjen öste man också vreden över Fredriksson och förtalade denne. Alla män skulle förtalas. Jag mådde illa då, och nu är det katastrof. So sorry.

tisdag 13 mars 2018

I know why Trump is sacking people.

Donald Trump is sacking people. But why? The fact is that A. he has no friends, B. nobody likes him. C. he cannot get along whith anybody. 
Now, If nobody likes you and you cannot get along with anyone, then people tend to become opposed to your actions, and if you are a president and wants to be influential and not a puppet there are simply no other thing to do than to sack people.
As a president, Trump will go on sacking people for a year or two, and what will be the outcome? He will be sacked himself, when people in general realize, that they all do not like him at all. All there was was that everybody wanted to get a big slash of the tart, but now there is no tart and never was. 

Där vann s valet!

Ja, där vann s valet, ty inget förslag är bättre än det att förbjuda religiösa friskolor. Bort med dom! Om nu socialdemokraterna även införde barnbegränsning, så är, vore jag helt nöjd.

Will facebook die?

Yes, I think facebook will die.