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Franz Kafka, a unique writer

Preface. - Franz Kafka, a unique writerwithout successors.A strong irony of a peculiar kind finds its place in Kafka´s literary works. Kafka´s irony is of a particular kind because it is based upon a split in its structural, literary form: This in turn is based upon a division which is based upon Kafka´s conception of Sigmund Freud´s views and theories around dream and consciousness, a conception that Kafka from 1912 and onwards used as a literary method. This split, in the works of Kafka, the irony which is its effect and “the Kafkaesque” which is the trademark of this effect and the other consequences of the division of the narrative universe, is what this book mainly is about. This book is a very technical one, and it does not speculate on the meaning of Kafka´s technique. It concentrates on what can be laid out before us, if we take a closer look at what is “kafkaesque” in the works of Kafka.Kafka´s authorship is – on that many agree - very subtle, and wholly unique. There is, at …