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The Mississippi Man - Chapter One

““One might be painted whileone is asleep,” suggested Mr. Brandas a contribution to the discussion.” ( Henry James, The Europeans, (1878) p.66. )Chapter OneDavid West is taking an evening walk in Baltimore at Upper Fells Point. In Baltimore, competition has closed steel plants and shipyards, but people are still thriving with their lives, inventing new jobs and careers. Summer has come, and the birds are singing. The story begins here.-------------------------------------------------------O n an ordinary husky September night it was. In Upper Fells Point in northern centralBaltimore, it was. A slight, semi-hot rain had been falling ceaselessly all day. More often than not, on evenings like these after the storm, small, friendly ponds appeared on the lonely streets of the flat-footed picturesque city, known as the birthplace of Frank Zappa and Billie Holiday. Suddenly lights from the random street lamps glittered brightly, as they were reflected by myriads or more of wet surfaces outsid…

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autumn in new york ( dukelsky )