Entwicklung in Belarus

 It seems quite clear to me, as the protests continue in Belarus against its dictator, that the future of this repuplic will be an alliance with Russia. Since the dictator himself will feel more and more of protests, so he will fear a coup de palace, he will suggest to his parliament that the wise thing to is a close alliance with Russia, where Belarus is signing with Russia as mutal partners in defense and stability. Thus Russian troops will be let into Belarus, when the dictator will claim that his country is under attack FROM ABROAD. Later, when the dictator grews older, he will settle in Rissia and let Belatus be run by a couple of handpickad men, half of the from Russia. So Belarus will be claimed by the aging Putin to be part of Russia. The dictator-man L. will claim that all this is done for the best of his country. He will then take a bath in the Caspian Sea.